Sea Isle
A Tiny Rectangular Pool
Sea Isle Fiberglass Swimming Pool

The Sea Isle is a petite, rectangular fiberglass swimming pool. It includes a wide set of bench seating leading to corner entry steps. Lastly, its flat bottom design makes it extremely comfortable for cooling off and soaking for water therapy.

This fiberglass swimming pool features radius corners, a flat bottom design, wide bench seating & corner entry steps.



16′ 6″






5,200 Gallons


173 Sq Ft

Includes a Flat Bottom for Comfort

Designed for comfortable swim sessions, the Sea Isle does not provide any deep end. Instead, we’ve constructed a consistent depth of 5′ across the pool floor. This is a great way for users to navigate across the pool for water aerobics and physical therapy.

Its flat bottom construction also makes this swimming pool extremely safe for those with less mobility. Secondly, its total width of 11′ 1″ allows the swimmer to access the edge of the pool for added support during swim sessions.

The Sea Isle is a gorgeous rectangular pool shape. Designed for comfortable swimming, soaking and water therapy – it’s a very convenient swimming pool that boosts health and comfort. It’s petite size also makes it extremely easy to install in almost any backyard or indoor space.

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