Mandalay Bay
An All-in-One Free Form Fiberglass Pool
Mandalay Bay Inground Swimming Pool

The Mandalay Bay is an exceptional free-form fiberglass swimming pool. It comprises a petite & curvy design, a wide set of entry steps, and an attached spa! If you want an all-in-one design, the Mandalay Bay is a great option!



25′ 1″


11′ 8″


5′ 9″


6,600 Gallons


222 Sq Ft

Dual Entry Steps with Attached Spa

At first, glance, looking at the Mandalay Bay you may notice its small-sized shape. It’s not a huge body of water, however, it includes a wide array of design features. For starters, its free-form shape provides a fun layout that is interesting and attractive. Secondly, this shape includes (out of the box) an attached spa. This is a huge selling point for those who want the most bang for their buck.

In addition to the attached spa, the free-form shape gave us an opportunity to include a set of dual entry steps. We’ve actually located entry steps on both sides of the shallow end.

The Mandalay Bay includes a modest deep end of 5′ 9″. It’s not meant for diving but is perfect for casual raft floating or shooting some hoops. In addition, it’s modest size of 6,600 gallons makes the Mandalay Bay perfect for small to medium-sized backyards. In essence, you could fit this fun fiberglass pool into almost any backyard.

Another great feature of its petite pool shape is the ease of maintenance. Smaller bodies of water require less chemical maintenance. Therefore, you’re helping your pocketbook while providing a beautiful swimming pool for the whole family to enjoy. That’s a win-win in our book!

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