Desert Springs
A Brilliant of Free Form Design

The Desert Springs is a gorgeous fiberglass swimming pool with a free-form design. Packed full of fun features, this twisting pool will keep you and your family entertained for hours!

What we love most about this brilliant free-form design of this design is the diversity it presents to our builders and our customers. From its shallow end tanning ledge, attached fiberglass spa, and various bench seating – we give you plenty of room to play, converse and relax.







6′ 2″


6,800 Gallons


295 Sq Ft

Attached Spa & Compact Design

Our attached spa extends your swim season by several months, allowing you to continue using your San Juan Pool from early Spring to late Fall. This is a great feature that our clients love because they receive both the pool & spa in one product!

In addition, the Desert Springs fits into compact backyards and only requires a total surface area of 295 SQFT and holds 6,800 gallons.

The Desert Springs is the perfect getaway from life’s hustle and bustle. This gorgeous layout with convenient ledge seating and a tanning ledge will provide hours of relaxation.

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