Luxor Shallow
A Shallow End Pool

The Luxor Shallow is a beautiful recreation of our very popular Luxor Deep End Pool. This elegantly designed fiberglass pool includes a very long body that’s perfect for lap swimming. You’re sure to love this design because of its large shape and modern features.

This radiant fiberglass swimming pool is a sister of our also very popular Luxor Deep End swimming pool. Both models have the EXACT SAME outside dimensions. This includes their ravishing 43′ 7″ length & 15′ 1″ width. The only difference between these two models is their deep-end depths.



44′ 7″


15′ 11″


6′ 4″


19,000 Gallons


658 Sq Ft

Beautifully Designed Rectangle Shape

For parents, the Luxor Shallow is a widely adopted pool model because of its more conservative deep end. It’s always a plus to have peace of mind with swimmers who are still earning their fins. However, if your household is comprised of advanced swimmers, then we certainly recommend the Luxor Deep End.

The Luxor Shallow End swimming pool sports a beautiful & modern rectangular pool shape. This particular model fits handsomely in backyards with lots of room for installation. Secondly, it can elevate the aesthetic appeal of your yard if complimented by modern furniture & decking. However you decide to dress up this fiberglass pool, you’re going to reap the benefits of its beautiful design. By installing it, you’re going to immediately enhance the appeal of your backyard and will enjoy its beauty!

This pool model provides a convenient set of corner entry steps/benches & comfortable depth of 6′ 4″. Secondly, its brilliant length of 43′ 7″ is exceptional for lap swimming & aerobic activity. All in all, the Luxor Shallow End is a very modern swimming pool that enhances the beauty of any backyards it’s added to.

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