A Free Form Fiberglass Spa
Sydney Spa Bloomington IN

Welcome to the Sydney Spa – another free form fiberglass spa that we offer!

In fact, the Sydney Spa is one of our larger spa selections. The Sydney offers a wide array of seating options. These various benches and positions are perfect for pairing with a set of spa jets for unique massage positions.

The Sydney has a wide array of customizations that you can choose from, including: LED lighting, spa jets and custom handrails. You can certainly get a little creative to make this spa the perfect addition to your home!



20′ 1″


13′ 5″


3′ 4″


3,550 Gallons


151 Sq Ft

Wide Bench Seating & 20′ 1″ Length

This free form design has an overall length of 20′ 1″! That is very large for a spa and it allows the Sydney to hold up to 6-8 swimmers at a time.

In addition to its large length, the Sydney holds up to 3,550 gallons making it both roomy and economical. 3,550 gallons is spacious yet small enough to be friendly towards your water and electrical bill!

The floor on this spa has a flat bottom layout. This allows your guests to move easily about the Sydney from one position to another.

The Sydney is a spacious fiberglass spa with a wide set of bench seating and free form design. You’ll love the spacious seating arrangement as well as the various massage zones that you can create. Just pair our various seating positions with jets of your choice and you can create the relaxing space that you’ve always dreamed of!

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