A Grecian Pool Shape with a Sport Bottom Hopper
Phoenix Fiberglass inground swimming pool

The Phoenix is a fiberglass swimming pool with a modern touch. Designed as a Grecian layout, this pool resembles a rectangular shape with bell-end curves on each end. In addition, we’ve utilized a Sport Bottom Hopper which means the deep end is right in the middle of its fiberglass shell.



39′ 7″


15′ 11″


5′ 1″


14,400 Gallons


545 Sq Ft

The “Mirror-Like” Layout

If you’re looking for a unique swimming pool that is both modern and “out of the box” we recommend the Phoenix. This fiberglass pool is part of our Grecian Pool category. If you’re unfamiliar with that terminology, a Grecian layout closely resembles a rectangle. The only difference is we’ve bent both ends to create a bell shape instead of sharp corners.

In addition, rather than include a standard hopper (deep end on one side) we’ve constructed the Phoenix with a Sport Hopper bottom. A Sport Hopper situates the deep end in the middle of the swimming pool instead of on one side.

By combining both the Grecian Shape and Sport Hopper, the Phoenix is best described as a “mirror-like” layout. Both sides are the exact reflection of the other. This is a great design for homeowners that want a modern layout. It also makes installation a breeze because the only question remaining is placement and orientation.

Another key feature that we enjoy with the Pacific is the Dual Set of Entry Steps that we’ve located on each end of the Phoenix. This dual set of entry steps expands your seating area twice over and gives you plenty of room to entertain large groups of swimmers.

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