A Sport Bottom Hopper with Mirror Design
Mirage Inground swimming pool

The Mirage is a Sport Bottom Hopper (Deep End) design with a mirror layout. This pool is extra large with an overall length of 38′ 9″ & a modest width of 14′ 9″. It provides a large footprint for maximum swim space and outdoor fun!



39′ 8″


15′ 8″


5′ 4″


14,050 Gallons


475 Sq Ft

Long Length & Free Form Design

For those shopping for a larger pool model, we introduce the Mirage fiberglass pool. This modern design features an optimal length of 38′ 9″, width of 14′ 9″ & maximum depth of 5′ 4″. The Mirage is part of our Free Form family due to its variety of curves which house convenient deep-end benches and dual entry steps. We compliment these free-form curves with a Sport Bottom design. By definition, sport bottom swimming pools have shallow zones on both ends with the deep end located in the middle of the pool.

In addition to its mirror layout and fun-packed features, the Mirage provides ample swim space for its guests. Its superior length and modest width create a great space for all forms of outdoor swim activities. Hop in for a nice set of laps before or after work, play a fun game of volleyball or Marco Polo.

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