Marathon (with Spa)
Our Rectangular Lap Swimming Pool
Marathon swimming pool and spa

The Marathon with Spa is one of the longest fiberglass pools that we offer. Its overall length is 39′ (including the size of the attached spa). It gives the swimmer plenty of space to stretch out and put in some laps before a morning at the office.





8′ 6″


4′ 9″


8,500 Gallons


350 Sq Ft

Spa Seating for 4

This unique fiberglass pool shell offers a whopping length of 39′. It’s a remarkable swimming pool for our the athletic consumer that desires rigorous swimming activity on a regular basis. The foundation for this design was simple; we wanted to offer a pool shape that benefited the athletes.

The second benefit of the Marathon pool is the attached spa. Before you jump into the pool for some rigorous exercise, go ahead and turn your spa heater. When you’re done exercising, just take a dip into the spa to relax those sore muscles before driving to the office.

Its overall length of 39′ feet provides plenty of swim space and its depth of 4′ 9″ is comfortable but not too deep. We suggest this fiberglass pool to swimmers who have an appetite for regular physical exercise!

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