Grand Manhattan
A Rectangle Shape with Elongated Bench

The Grand Manhattan is a unique twist on a classic rectangle shape. Rather than create a set of entry steps along the narrow end, the steps are right in the middle of the long side of this design.

Couple the classy entry steps with the convenient elongated bench seating and you’ve got a modern design that provides a great entertainment area!



33′ 10″


15′ 10″




11,400 GALLONS


417 Sq Ft

Perfect for Entertaining Large Numbers of Guests

The Grand Manhattan is a rectangular design with a maximum depth of 5′. There is a gentle slope from the shallow end (3′ 11″) to the deep end (5′). It’s overall length of 32′ 9″ & volume of 11,400 gallons puts the Grand Mahattan in our large pool family.

If your looking for a fiberglass pool that is perfect for entertaining large numbers of guest, the Grand Manhattan is a strong contender!

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