Wylela Beach
A Rectangular, Beach Entry
Wylela Beach Swimming Pool

From its sleek Rectangular Layout to its overall length of 30′ linear feet, the Wylela Beach has plenty of space for all! You’re sure to love its sleek design and enjoy a wide range of activities. From lap swimming to sun tanning, raft floating, basketball, ring diving and so much more. This fiberglass pool design has more to offer than most pools on the market!







6′ 2″


7,271 Gallons


360 Sq Ft

The Stunning Tanning Ledge

The Tanning Ledge provides a large surface area – large enough to fit two bathers. It includes a width of 10′ 10″ x nearly 5′ long. That’s over 50′ SQFT of area, which provides plenty of space to hold two ledge loungers.

The Wylela Beach provides a lot of desirable attributes, from its award-winning design to its sleek layout and maximum durability – it’s got all the right stuff to make a superior swimming pool. Additionally, the Wylela Beach provides a wide tanning ledge for maximum summer enjoyment. Large enough to hold two pool-rated chairs, it provides over 50 SQFT of seating space!

In terms of swim space, there is plenty of that as well. This design provides maximum length of 30′ and a width of 10′ 10″. That’s plenty of space for a home with a Medium-Sized backyard to enjoy.

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