A Grecian Pool Shape

The Dolphin fiberglass pool model is a member of our Grecian Pool Shape family. This swimming pool offers a classic approach to the Grecian pool shape and includes a Sport Bottom Hopper with a dual set of Shallow End Steps.



33′ 1′


14′ 1″




11,500 Gallons


362 Sq Ft

Elongated Shallow End Steps

Similar to the Caesar’s Palace, the Dolphin is another member of our Grecian Pool Shape family, but with a slightly different twist. Rather than deviate from the classic Grecian shape, similar to The Caesar’s Palace, the Dolphin instead follows the classic Grecian pool design.

This design includes a 32′ rectangle layout with large bowed ends that provide elongated Shallow End Steps. These are perfect places for guests and family to rest and relax and create great spaces to enter and exit your fiberglass swimming pool.

The Dolphin is a great swimming pool for recreational activities as well as relaxing poolside. If you’re looking for a classic pool design that is highly versatile yet classic and simple, the Dolphin is perfect for you!

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