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The Haven Fiberglass Spa Bloomington IN

The Haven Spa is a modern shaped fiberglass spa with eight sides. It’s a great choice for those home owners who love to entertain! With enough seating for 4-6 guests, you’ve got plenty of room for quality time in the great outdoors! With a wide bench seating that wraps around the entire spa, this spa is a great choice for those who love to entertain.



6′ 10″


6′ 10″




350 Gallons


30 Sq Ft

Wide Bench Seating & Corner Entry Step

The Haven Spa includes a comfortable bench seating arrangement. This bench wraps around the inside of the Haven Spa and provides enough space for 4-6 bathers. This spa also includes a convenient corner entry step for ease of entry/exit.

Your guests will also love the flat bottom layout and maximum depth of only 3′. This is also a compact spa that only requires a total surface area of 30 SQFT. In other words, this is a perfect selection for entertaining that requires minimum space!

The Haven Spa is a modern fiberglass spa shape that is perfect for entertaining. We recommend adding it to one of our fiberglass pools for added value. In addition, the Haven Spa requires a total surface area of 30 SQFT and has a maximum depth of 3′.

This is a very popular spa model for its modern shape and compact design.

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