Crystal Springs
Fiberglass Pool & Spa Hybrid
Beautiful inground swimming in Bloomington Indiana

The Crystal Springs is a wonderful option for our clients who prefer to relax and soak in their backyard oasis. This beautiful fiberglass shell is considered to be a hybrid model because it can function as a pool or spa depending on your needs.

If you desire to heat this pool/spa for an extended swim season, no problem. This can easily be achieved due to its total water volume of 3,900 gallons. In addition, this fiberglass spa includes a small footprint that creates a very intimate and comfortable atmosphere for you and your guests.



17′ 2″


11′ 11″




3,900 Gallons


110 Sq Ft

Shallow End Steps & Dual Bench Seating

The Crystal Springs only requires a total surface area of 119 SQFT. This is a very petite footprint and fits quite snugly into small backyard spaces. We love its free-form design because it creates an interesting seating arrangement.

The Crystal Springs is a beautiful free-form design. This unique shape can operate as a hybrid pool or spa depending upon your usage requirements. Its petite size of only 3,900 gallons makes maintaining the water chemistry a breeze. In addition, you can heat this pool/spa to extend your swim season into colder months for great usage.

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