A Round Fiberglass Spa with an Optional Spillover Effect
Sarasota Spa Bloomington Indiana

The Sarasota Spa is the perfect addition to any of our fiberglass swimming pools. With only 54 SQFT of surface area, this round fiberglass spa fits into any backyard space with minimal excavation.

We love the Sarasota spa because of its classic round design. One incredible option is the ability to install this spa with an optional spillover effect. By building up a tile line above the edge of the spa, your builder can create a cascading effect into the fiberglass pool basin (below). This spillover effect allows you to situate this spa next to any fiberglass pool and create a soothing water effect. Water will calmly cascade and overflow out of the spa right into your swimming pool!




8′ 10″


8′ 10″


3′ 7″


755 Gallons


270 Sq Ft

Curved Bench Seating with Room for Four Bathers

In addition to its round design, the Sarasota spa is large enough to comfortably hold up to 6-8 bathers. This classic design has a curved bench that runs all the way around its curved walls. Your guest will love the open layout and enjoy intimate conversation in its warm waters.

The Sarasota spa is the perfect addition to any fiberglass or gunite swimming pool. You’re sure to love the curved bench seating and flat bottom design of the Sarasota. It’s a spa designed for intimate conversations among family and friends.

The Sarasota offers a minimal footprint that requires only 54 SQFT of real estate. Popular among apartment complexes, hotels or condominiums – the Sarasota offers a warm space for residents to enjoy time outdoors at your facility!

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