Waikiki II
A Modern Design with “Bowed Out” Walls
Waikiki II Inground Pool

The Waikiki II is a fun twist on a standard rectangular pool design. Rather than straight edges, we’ve bowed out the middle of the pool shell to expand the swim space. Secondly, this fiberglass pool also includes a wide set of entry steps to enhance its modern design.



27′ 11″


11′ 9″


5′ 7″


8,500 Gallons


273 Sq Ft

Includes a Standard Hopper

When comparing both the Waikiki I and Waikiki II, it’s important to note that both of these fiberglass pools include a standard hopper. Both of these pool shapes are designed to provide comfortable swim spaces in both the shallow and deep ends.

This is a very friendly swimming pool for intermediate swimmers and those who want to leisurely swim with little effort. The Waikiki II makes you feel the comfort of the islands as you coast casually on a pool raft.

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