Gulf Breeze
A Shallow Flat Bottom Rectangle Pool
Gulf Breeze rectangular swimming pool

The Gulf Breeze is a unique fiberglass pool shape. In fact, it is in a classification of its own. We refer to this pool shape as a “Flat Bottom” pool. The only depth for this pool is 3′ 10″; that makes it exceptionally safe for families with small children.







3′ 10″


5,600 Gallons


211 Sq Ft

Great for Families with Entry Level Swimmers

With a consistent depth of 3′ 10″, it’s hard to see what’s not to love about this family-friendly pool shape.

The Gulf Breeze is part of our Rectangular pool family. It’s also a member of our Petite pool group. Therefore, it is an exceptional choice for homes with small yards and limited deck space. Secondly, if you live in an area with shallow bedrock, this may be a great option. Rather than digging down to 6′ or 7′ (which may be difficult in some areas), this design only requires a depth of around 5′ (for the over dig & backfill material).

Lastly, its flat surface is perfect for homeowners who need a safe space for swim therapy. Its smooth surface makes walking a breeze and encourages the swimmer to keep moving for a healthy lifestyle.

Its petite size makes balancing its chemistry, maintaining it’s cleanliness & electrical consumption a breeze. You’ll barely notice its footprint on your monthly electricity bill.

Lastly, the Gulf Breeze is a great pool for entry-level swimmers or those who need its shallow depth for health & physical therapy. You’ll be amazed at the friendliness of The Gulf Breeze. It’s a fun and safe fiberglass pool shape that is both inviting and relaxing for all its users.

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