A Rectangle Pool with Corner Entry Steps
Rectangular swimming pool

The Stockholm is part of our Rectangular Pool Shape family! It’s a modern pool design with a corner entry step and a corner swim-out seat. It’s popular among families with multiple swimmers and designed to give you room to float and play.

This pool shape is popular for homes with smaller backyards and modern design tastes. We recommend pairing this swimming pool with a basketball or volleyball set for outdoor recreation. Secondly, the corner steps are excellent for a small gathering to have fun and intimate conversation.



27′ 1″




5′ 10.25″


10,000 Gallons


345 Sq Ft

Swim Out Seat

Our Swim Out Seat offers a great refuge from rounds of lap swimming and is located in the deep end of the Stockholm pool shell. With just enough room for two swimmers, the Swim Out Seat is a unique feature popular among lap swimming pools with a modest deep end.

The Stockholm is an excellent swimming pool for recreational swimmers that desire a modest size. Excellent for entertaining small to medium-sized groups of people, this pool gives your swimmers plenty of space without seeming too large. It pairs wonderfully with LED lighting and recreational gaming equipment, such as a basketball or volleyball set.

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