A Fiberglass Pool with a Modern, Rectangle Layout
Scottsdale Inground Swimming Pool

The Scottsdale fiberglass pool has a modern, rectangle layout with a flat bottom design . This modern layout can fit in most backyards with a total water volume of only 5,800 gallons!

With a maximum depth of only 3′ 10″, the Scottsdale is both safe and friendly for entry level swimmers. You’ll feel right at home in the basin of the Scottsdale and enjoy its comfortable depth for relaxing and conversing.

This fiberglass pool is designed for casual lap swimming, entertaining and physical therapy. It provides the perfect amount of space for 4-6 swimmers! You’ll enjoy the intimate setting the Scottsdale creates with just the right surface area to give you space – while not being too big for conversation.



19′ 6″


12′ 8″


3′ 10″


5,800 Gallons


184 Sq Ft

Corner Entry Steps with Long Bench Seating

We love the corner entry steps tucked away inside of the Scottsdale fiberglass swimming pool! These steps are both modern and out of the way of swimmers. Designed to be minimally invasive, these steps do not impede your swim space and make the basin feel larger from an open floor plan.

Secondly, this pool has a long adjacent bench seating for guest to relax and converse. This bench seating from between both sets of shallow end steps! Now you can turn on your outdoor projector, plug in a movie and watch from the comfort of your Scottsdale bench seating!

The flat bottom layout makes traversing across the basin very comfortable for swimmers of all levels! The Scottsdale has a maximum depth of only 3′ 10″. This is a comfortable depth for entry level swimmers or those with physical therapy needs.

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