Pompano Beach
A Fun Twist on a Roman Pool Shape

The Pompano Beach is an elegant redesign of a classic Roman Pool Shape. This beautifully designed fiberglass pool includes a wide deep end bench & curved entry steps. Its standard hopper layout is a classic presentation of shallow end to deep end layout. Perfect for your traditional consumer!

This beautiful fiberglass pool shape is perfect for your traditional consumer. Its standard shallow-to-deep end layout is a comfortable design that many are accustomed to. Enter into the stunning Pompano Beach for a nice soak and wade out to its maximum depth of 5′ 8″. Not too deep and very comfortable for most swimmers.

The Pompano Beach is designed as an inviting pool that is both spacious and soothing. You’ll love its calm waters and the way that it beckons you into its gorgeous blue waters!



29′ 8″


13′ 10″


5′ 8″


9,500 Gallons


306 Sq Ft

Standard Hopper with Wide Deep End Bench

The Pompano Beach uses curved sides rather than straight rectangular sides. This provides the swimmer with greater area to spread out due to its oval layout. Secondly, the Pompano Beach has a wide set of entry steps mimicked by a curved deep end bench. Both are great places to relax and provide optimal space for multiple users to relax.

In addition to the Pompano Beach’s gorgeous oval layout, this fiberglass pool is spacious for some serious fun! We recommend this swimming pool for consumers with medium and large-sized backyards. Its overall size of 306 SQFT will take up a modest amount of real estate. In addition, we consider this a medium-sized swimming pool due to its total water volume of 9,500 gallons.

Therefore, this pool provides a spacious perimeter with lots of room for patio furniture. Your guest will love having plenty of room to spread out and enjoy the stunning views of this traditional fiberglass swimming pool.

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