A Relaxing Kidney Shaped Fiberglass Spa
Indoor Spa Bloomington Indiana

The Charlotte Spa fits in it’s own classification of spas due to its smaller frame which holds only 780 Gallons & 8-10 bathers.

The Charlotte Spa is designed to work well in indoor swimming facilities. In addition, we often receive requests from hotels, health clubs or even therapy spa facilities for a spa that will fit within a small space. When we receive these phone calls we often suggest the Charlotte Spa. Its petite frame, overall length of only 12′ and maximum depth of 3′ 1″ makes it a friendly and comfortable spa for all ages.







3′ 1″


780 Gallons


64 Sq Ft

Perfect Addition to a Fiberglass Pool

If you are purchasing the Charlotte Spa for an add-on to a backyard swimming pool, you will enjoy the benefits of owning an outdoor spa for years to come! It is the perfect way to extend the duration of your swimming season. From Early Spring to Late Fall (even Winter in southern states) you can hop outside and soak in the lush outdoor environment. Chill won’t be much of a factor once you’ve cranked up your heater and soak in the soothing tide of this kidney shaped spa!

The Charlotte Spa is a moderate sized fiberglass spa that holds up to 780 Gallons and fits 8-10 bathers. You’ll enjoy it’s compact size that only requires a total surface area of 64 SQFT. It is designed with a Kidney Shape & Flat Bottom layout for user comfort.

This spa is designed to work wonderfully in both indoor and outdoor environments. Many health clubs, hotels and therapy spas love the Charlotte Spa for its compact shape. It fits very easily in small rooms and can provide lots of benefits to your residents and customers!

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