A Large Rectangular Pool with 7′ 11″ Deep End

Welcome to the Pacific, a fiberglass swimming pool designed to be large and deep. Similar to the Pacific Ocean in our pursuit of a large body of water, we’ve designed this pool to be big for all of your swimming needs. You’ll enjoy its classic rectangular layout and 7′ 11″ deep end.



39′ 10″


16′ 1″


7′ 11″


20,500 Gallons


566 Sq Ft

Wide Set of Curved Shallow End Steps

If you’re into entertaining family and guests, the Pacific gives you more than enough space to keep everyone entertained. We’ve located a wide set of curved steps in the shallow end as a gathering space. Bring everyone together in the shallow end of the Pacific and enjoy some cocktails, conversation, and shallow end pool games.

You can easily situate up to 4-6 swimmers on these shallow end steps & bench. If your home is located in the sunbelt then you’re no stranger to blazing summer heatwaves. By providing this shallow end bench you can allow all swimmers to gather in a shallow end space to cool off.

The Pacific is a beautiful rectangular swimming pool with a standard deep end hopper. It’s 7′ 11″ the deep end is excellent for installing a water slide or going “old school” with some cannonballs.

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