A Flat Bottom Fiberglass Pool with 4′ 2.5″ Depth
The Biloxi Swimming Pool

The Biloxi is a new fiberglass pool design that was created with a gorgeous flat bottom layout. This pool has a maximum depth of only 4′ 2.5″ which makes it a perfect option for swimmers of all skill levels. It’s also a great swimming pool for those who want to entertain and are looking for a modern layout with a lot of potential!



27′ 1″




4′ 2.5″


6,400 Gallons


300 Sq Ft

Long Tanning Ledge and Wide Shallow End Steps

This pool has a wide set of entry steps that lead into the Biloxi. The top step is extra wide – providing the perfect space for our 9″ deep tanning ledge. This tanning ledge was designed to be a comfortable space for a large gathering.

However you utilize this space, we are sure that you’re going to love the spacious seating arrangement. Lastly, you have the ability to dress it up with LED lighting for a stunning nighttime display!

The Biloxi is a great option for a miniature lap swimming pool. The rectangular design of the Biloxi gives the user plenty of space to stretch out. It’s also perfect to exercise before or after work.

The flat bottom layout of the Biloxi makes this swimming pool a perfect contender for outdoor water games. Your guest are going to love playing games without the hassle of a sloping bottom for their feet. Players can stand anywhere due to its flat depth of 4′ 2.5″ across the entire frame.

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