Savannah Shallow
A Fun Twist on the Grecian Pool Shape
Savannah Shallow Fiberglass Pool

The Savannah shallow is a fun twist we’ve created based upon the classic Grecian pool shape. Rather than create a Sport Bottom hopper (common with most Grecian Shapes), we’ve given the Savannah a modest Deep End with long Bench Seating on both ends.

The Savannah is a beautiful rectangular pool shape but we still classify it as a Grecian pool due to the extended shallow end entry steps & bench seating on both sides. The Savannah is very similar to our Hawaiian pool model, but it is slightly longer and deeper than the Hawaiian.

So what makes the Savannah unique? We really enjoy the increased width that the Savannah provides. Its overall width of 13′ 2″ makes for a comfortable space for swimmers to stretch out. Secondly, we’ve increased the length to 31′ 8.125″ which makes the Savannah perfect for lap swimming.




32′ 6″


14′ 1″


5′ 8″


11,500 Gallons


362 Sq Ft

Conservative Deep End with Bench Seating

If you enjoy the design approach our bench seating offers, you’ll love the extra wide Deep End Bench Seat of the Savannah. Because this is a Grecian design (which is commonly referred to as “mirror pools”) we’ve included an extra-wide set of Shallow End Entry Steps! These are great places to rest before and after rigorous water workouts.

The Savannah Shallow is a beautiful Grecian pool shape that we’ve created for beginner to intermediate swimmers. It sports a modest 5′ 8″ deep end and an extra-wide deep end bench & shallow end steps. If you are looking for a swimming pool that gives you peace of mind & fits a small to medium-sized backyard, the Savanna may be the ticket!

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