A Large Free-Form Shape with Deep End
Oasis inground swimming pool

The Oasis is ready to become your own personal oasis! This creative swimming pool provides ample space to maximize summer fun! From a 7′ 11″ deep end, to free form layout, bench seating & curved entry steps.

The Oasis is a free-form fiberglass swimming pool designed to provide room for loads of summer fun. This gorgeous free-form layout includes curving edges and a large deep end of 7′ 11″. That’s a lot of space for the kiddos and family to swim. You’re sure to love the space and the opportunities it provides for fantastic pool games and outdoor activities.

We classify the Oasis as a free-form swimming pool due to its “outside the lines” personality. Its curving walls create a few unique sitting positions, including a bench seat and curved entry steps. Whatever you’re looking for, the Oasis has it to offer. We recommend sprucing up its design with a winding water slide (shown above) or even a raised wall (also shown above).



39′ 8″




7′ 11″


17,950 Gallons


500 Sq Ft

Curved Bench Seating & Modern Layout

Upon entering the Oasis, you’ll notice the beautifully curved entry steps located inside the twisting shallow end. This style of bench seating is unique to this design and accentuates the modern flare of the Oasis fiberglass pool!

If you’re into entertaining the kiddos over the summer, the Oasis may be the perfect swimming pool! The huge surface area of 500 Sq Ft provides you with large deck space to ornament however you wish. Purchase some patio furniture to adorn the side and entertain your swimmers with a fun, winding water slide.

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