Marathon (No Spa)
A Large Lap Swimming Pool
Marathon Rectangular inground swimming pool

The Marathon (No Spa) is our beautiful lap swimming fiberglass pool. Its elegant 33′ length & 7′ 6″ width is perfect for supporting dual swimmers for some recreational swimming. This is a great swimming pool for our clients who enjoy the great outdoors and require moderate to rigorous physical activity on a daily basis.





8′ 6″


4′ 9″


6,800 Gallons


248 Sq Ft

Dual Entry Steps with Dual Bench Seating

One additional feature we’d like to point out is the Dual Entry Steps & Dual Bench Seating of the Marathon (No Spa). Our steps & bench seating is parallel, yet opposite. Therefore, the steps are on opposite corners while the benches are opposite as well. It’s a unique design approach that adds a modern twist to the standard rectangular layout of this pool.

The Marathon (No Spa) provides plenty of space in its overall 33′ length & 7′ 6″ width. You’re sure to enjoy its flat bottom layout as well as the modern design twist of the steps and benches. We’re sure your going to love the Marathon (No Spa) as well as the health benefits you’ll receive from its use!

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