The Square Spa with a Diagonal Layout

The Cove Spa is a unique fiberglass spa that has a 6′ 1″ x 6′ 1″ square layout. Although the outside perimeter is a square shape, the inside orientation is at a 45^ diagonal. Therefore, this spa is a very modern shape that can be situated diagonally to a fiberglass pool for added allure. Or you can orient it parallel to the pool for clean lines.

However you position the Cove Spa in your backyard, you are bound to love the layout and its characteristics. In addition to its layout, this spa includes a bench seating arrangement large enough for 2-4 bathers. It also includes a flat bottom layout and corner entry step.

Lastly, the Cove Spa is our smallest fiberglass spa design with a maximum surface area of only 26 Sq Ft! This allows you to situate the spa in practically any space in your backyard, apartment or hotel community.



6′ 1″


6′ 1″


2′ 10.5″


300 Gallons


27 Sq Ft

Compact Design That Comfortably Holds 2-4 Bathers

The Cove Spa is our smallest fiberglass spa model that we offer! This makes it unique in both its size and installation capabilities. A spa of this compact size provides you with plenty of options for placement.

Install this spa on an elevated surface (such as a high-rise building) or in a day spa. Additionally, it can hold up to 2-4 bathers due to its diagonal layout.

The Cove Spa is a unique fiberglass spa shapes that includes a 6′ 1″ x 6′ 1″ square layout. Because the seats are positioned at a 45° angle to the layout of the pool, the seating arrangement is constricted to 2-4 bathers.

In addition, the Cove Spa is a modern spa shape that is perfect for relaxing outdoors and can easily fit in nearly any space you want to put it. This is our smallest fiberglass spa that we have to offer.

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