Cocoa Beach
A Breath Taking Figure-8 Fiberglass Swimming Pool
Inground swimming pool and patio

This gorgeous free-form pool shape sport is perfect for small to medium-sized backyards. Despite its petite shape, it provides a total water volume of 6,600 Gallons.



23′ 9″


11′ 9″


5′ 8″


6,600 Gallons


203 Sq Ft

Perfect for Small & Medium-Sized Backyards

After wading into the shallow end of the Cocoa Beach, this stunning fiberglass swimming pool gives way to a maximum depth of 5′ 8″. With a total length of 22′ 9″ this pool transitions from shallow to deep end relatively quickly. However, the Cocoa Beach still leaves the swimmer enough room for comfortable lap swimming. We recommend this swimming pool to consumers who enjoy regular water aerobic & pool games.

Although petite in design, the Cocoa Beach feels larger than it appears. You’ll feel at ease in this elegant fiberglass pool and enjoy the many fun features that it has to offer. Join your friends and family in the shallow end steps & relax on the shallow end bench system. We’ve created this comfortable relaxation area so you can gather and enjoy some time outdoors.

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