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Installing high-quality inground swimming pools in and around the Bloomington and Evansville, Indiana areas

Pools by Sturgeon / Sturgeon Stone and Landscape is the culmination of our long-standing commitment to provide a diversified range of services.  No need to worry about miscommunication or inconsistent quality among various contractors. We make it our business to fully understand your needs and work with you, one-on-one, to make your dream a reality.  As needed, we will work with trusted electricians and licensed plumbers maintaining the same quality standards we require.

Rest assured that Mike will be onsite supervising all aspects of your swimming pool install…the centerpiece/focus of your project – the most important part, right?! While other swimming pool contractors may delegate and not get their hands dirty, Mike will take an active role in the excavation, grade/prep work, placement, and install of your swimming pool. The same person you talk to at the time of your pool selection will be the same person insuring that you’re just as pleased the day of the install.

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